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3 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship with Sponsors

You’ve done the hard work. You developed a package of sponsor benefits that provides value to both your sponsors and your organization. You successfully solicited sponsorships to help support the mission of your association. Now comes the hard part: how do you steward relationships with these sponsors so they last?

Many associations need a reliable source […]

How to Ensure a Smooth Transition to a New Executive Director

How to Ensure a Smooth Transition to a New Executive Director

The transition from one Executive Director to the next can be a stressful and challenging time for an association. Associations often have many moving pieces and complexities, and the knowledge of all of these parts must be seamlessly transitioned to new leadership. To make the […]

4 Tips to Maximize Your Next Association Networking Event

Cultivating strong connections in your professional community can really boost your professional growth and contribute to the growth of your industry. However, busy schedules often make it a challenge to set aside time to foster strategic relationships and build connections. For the busy professional, association networking events offer a valuable way to connect with peers and industry vendors. Check out these tips in order to get prepared and make the most of the next networking event.


How to Form Lasting Relationships with Partner Organizations

Forming strong partnerships among a diverse group of organizations is key step in creating a successful nonprofit association. This initiative reflects broad-based community involvement. Developing and maintaining these relationships can be a challenge, so it is important that nonprofits work to inspire their partners to get involved and stay involved. Here are a few things that can be done to elicit the support of outside organizations and foster strong relationships.  […]

4 Ways To Go Paperless At Your Next Conference

Going paperless is an idea that event and conference planners have been working towards for several years. Aside from being environmentally friendly, going paperless is also much more affordable and less stressful. Organizing a conference is demanding enough, especially when you have to print large quantities of programs and hand-outs on tight deadlines. Why not go paperless and alleviate some of this pressure by offering your attendees all of the information they need electronically using a smartphone or tablet? They may even thank you for not handing them tons of stuff to carry around! Here are four ways to help you organize a paperless conference.  […]

7 Unique Ways to Thank Your Outgoing Board Members

There seems to be so much emphasis and focus on how to improve your non-profit boards, but what if they have done a great job? Acknowledging your outgoing board members is an important part of continuing your mission. They need to know that their efforts are appreciated. After all, they gave their time, talent, and money to help serve your organization. This is also important for current board members and potential board members to see. They will be more inclined to serve an organization who takes the time to recognize the hard work of its members. Saying “thank you” is a start, but here are seven great ways to show your outgoing board members how much you appreciate them. […]

How to Inspire Members to Become Advocates

Want to get people talking about your association and make headway in improving the lives of your members? Advocacy efforts are important because they allow your organization to shine a light on real community needs and lead to increased awareness about your mission. Here are a few ways your organization can inspire members to become advocates. […]

Never Lose Sight of the Members Your Association Serves

For most board members the job description is clear: they have a responsibility to serve as a community ambassador, advocating for the organization while cultivating relationships with stakeholders. However, some boards fail to make that important connection with their members and other supporters. They tend to get lost in the logistics and financial challenges they face and lose sight of the people they are there to serve. This can be detrimental to nonprofit associations because the primary focus of the board needs to remain on the members they are serving as well as those who are financial contributors.  […]

A New Member Joined Your Association – Now What?

Your hard work in membership marketing and relationship building has paid off and your association has some brand new members! Now it’s time to get your new members informed and excited about your organization. One of the biggest factors in retention is member engagement, so it is up to you to make sure you start off on the right foot helping your new members feel welcome and offering plenty of opportunities for them to get involved. If you want to make sure your members are getting the most out of their membership, consider these strategies to help new members get started. […]

Building Leadership Capacity of Committee Chairs and Potential Board Leaders

There is no doubt that the roles of the committee chair and board leaders are pivotal in any organization. They help to structure, organize, and carry out the mission of the organization. One would only imagine, then, that a great deal of planning and preparation goes into selecting the people who will step into these very important roles. Would you be surprised to know that nearly half of the people who have held these positions did nothing specifically to prepare for the role of board or committee chair? In fact, many of them hadn’t even held a lower position before taking a leadership role. With that in mind, it is clear that many nonprofits have not given these leadership roles the attention they deserve. Let’s examine how association leaders can work to build the leadership capacity of committee chairs and board leaders. […]

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