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The first step in growing your organization and fulfilling its mission is to attract members. While it may seem simple, recruiting new members has always presented a challenge for nonprofit associations. This is increasingly difficult when you factor in time and money constraints. The challenge to attain new members is harder than ever before, but here are a few tips to help you bring on those new members.

Simplify the Sign-Up Process

Creating an online membership application form and using a web-based payment system can make it much easier for prospective members to join your association. However, it is critical to keep the sign-up process as simple as possible. Your online application should contain as few steps as possible and clear instructions. Asking for too much information that is irrelevant and time-consuming may cause prospects to feel frustrated and lose interest. At SBI, we help associations develop membership application forms that are clear, easy, and concise. A simple sign-up process is crucial for attaining new members.

Clarify Your Value Proposition

Review your member benefits and make sure your association’s value proposition is communicated clearly on your website and membership marketing materials. Make sure it’s easy to find and understand membership options, pricing, and a list of benefits new members will receive upon joining. Beyond discounts and access to member publications, make sure you list opportunities to connect with other members and how membership will make a difference in their professional life or business. You could also offer an opportunity to attend a new member orientation or meet with a seasoned member of the association to answer questions and help them navigate opportunities for involvement.

Host an Event

When you create opportunities for potential members to meet current members, get their questions answered, and give them a taste of what it feels like to be a member in person, it is easier to entice them to join. Many people make decisions based on emotion, and social events and gatherings provide a unique opportunity to connect with prospective members on a personal level. At SBI, we work with non-profit associations to manage and plan various events from small luncheons to multi-day conferences. We work with clients to create memorable experiences for members that contribute to the growth of their organizations.

It is important for nonprofit associations to spend time, money, and resources recruiting new members. If you follow some of these helpful tips, you will have more success at gaining new members and you will help members get excited about what’s to come.

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