What We Do, and Why We Do It

What We Do

“We Manage, You Thrive”

As an association management company (AMC), it can sometimes be a mouthful to explain what we do. Simply put, the work of SBI is actually the work of our clients, nonprofit professional and trade associations.

We partner with associations across a variety of industries, including healthcare and medical specialties, academia and higher education, environmental professions, and other professionals such as HR and financial planners.

While the individual mission of each association may be unique, the underlying reason they exist – and their operations – are similar. For example, a healthcare association might be focused on providing training and sharing research to improve patient care and outcomes, while an environmental association might focus on regulatory changes and updates that impact the environment and policy. But they both share the common purpose of helping support their individual members to advance their careers and connect with one another and together, advance their field.

Association members located around the worldThese organizations vary in size and scope, maybe having hundreds of members based in one region of the country, or having thousands of members located all around the world. The organizations are led by volunteer leaders, typically a board of directors, and have committees that are hard at work advancing their professions by providing education, access to training and development, career pathways, community, and resources to other professionals in their sectors.

To serve the needs of hundreds or thousands of members, professional associations need to be able to operate at a high capacity, and it involves a lot of multitasking. Consider this list of items:

  • Manage a website with information about the association, what it offers to members, and how they can join
  • The ability to provide timely information and customer service to members and supporters by email and phone
  • Providing continuing professional education and networking events either online or in-person, oftentimes in the form of large annual conferences or webinars
  • Maintaining bookkeeping, taxes, member dues, and other financial responsibilities
  • Planning for future growth of the association through strategic planning efforts

This is where we enter the picture, serving as staff and a home office for our association partners.

Associations are often run by smart, energetic people who are experts in their industry but who lack the expertise and time needed for successful association management. We focus on handling day-to-day operations to make it easy for volunteer leaders to focus on advancing their missions. We provide the staff, expertise, and experience to support the “how” of their association, while association leaders dictate the “what.”

At SBI, we have entire teams of talented professionals specializing in association governance and strategy, finance and operations, event management, marketing and communications, and member services.

We have close, collaborative relationships with our clients, and as a true extension of their team we staff their committees, participate in their board meetings, and build strong relationships with many members, volunteer leaders, sponsors, and vendors. We travel to staff their events, and carefully make recommendations that serve their best interests. Because their success, is our success.

Why We Do It

We’re on a mission to lead associations to success with innovative professional management solutions.

We measure our client partnerships in decades, not years. Some of our very first clients are still with us today, and we are very proud of it. But this is no coincidence. Culture fit is very important when considering whether or not we will be a good match for partnering with an association. We only partner with associations that we have synergy with: we connect with their mission, and we know that by partnering, their reach and impact will be strengthened, and so will ours.

If you are considering partnering with an AMC, contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to advance your mission.