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In the landscape of association management, stewarding financial resources effectively is paramount. Associations are tasked with not only delivering value to their members but also ensuring the sustainability of their operations. However, managing finances can be complex and time-consuming, often diverting attention from core objectives. This is where association management companies (AMCs) step in, offering comprehensive financial services to streamline operations and optimize resource allocation. Explore how partnering with SBI Association Management can empower your association to make the most of its financial resources. Managing your association’s finances can feel boring, stressful, or burdensome to association leaders, but with the right support and expertise, they don’t have to be.

Expert Financial Management 

Association executives support associations to develop both short-term budgeting and long-term financial planning that are aligned with strategic priorities and promote fiscal health. We assist in strategic planning, recommending pricing policies for dues, conferences, and programs to maximize revenue streams and enhance financial resilience. Using the class accounting method in QuickBooks, our budget and monthly report formats are designed to be easy to understand and interpret so decision-makers can budget for and track the performance of each of an association’s initiatives. 

Navigating investment policies and managing financial institution relationships also require specialized expertise. Our seasoned financial management professionals develop and manage these critical relationships with direction from the association’s Treasurer, Finance Committee, and Board.

Streamlined Bookkeeping and Reporting

Accredited AMCs like SBI proficiently handle day-to-day bookkeeping operations, meticulously recording financial transactions and maintaining accurate records. This ensures transparency and accountability, laying a solid foundation for sound financial management. Moreover, they provide monthly and year-end financial reporting, offering insights into your association’s financial health and performance. With SBI handling your association’s finances, you can make informed decisions based on real-time financial data, driving efficiency and agility.

Tax Compliance and Streamlined Audits 

Tax compliance is a critical aspect of financial management, but it can be intricate and time-sensitive. SBI can help your organization relieve the burden by collecting and preparing tax forms, coordinating with accountants for annual tax filings, and coordinating financial audits. Access to a CPA with a thorough understanding of tax regulations ensures compliance, minimizing the risk of penalties or costly audits. 

Non-Dues Revenue Generation and Sponsorship Tracking

Diversifying revenue streams beyond membership dues is essential for financial stability. SBI offers strategic non-dues revenue generation ideas and campaigns, such as paid webinars, online courses, and certification programs. These leverage innovative approaches to monetize assets and expand income sources. In addition, we track sponsor and donor contributions, fostering strong relationships and optimizing sponsorship opportunities. This proactive approach bolsters your association’s financial foundation, enabling sustainable growth and innovation.

Let SBI Help Your Organization Unlock Its Potential

By entrusting financial management to the experienced professionals at SBI, associations can unlock efficiencies, enhance compliance, and maximize revenue generation. Embrace the power of partnership with SBI, and unlock the full potential of your association’s financial resources.

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