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The following blog post was originally published on the MemberClicks blog.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “AMC” before, short for association management company. But what is an AMC? Well, according to the AMC Institute, an AMC is “a for-profit business that manages associations to help them grow and prosper.”

Sounds great, you might be thinking. But how do I know if I really need an AMC? Couldn’t we all use help with association management to a certain extent?

Yes, BUT…if any of the following sound a little too familiar, it may be time to seriously consider seeking the help of an AMC:

1. You don’t have the resources to effectively manage your organization

To successfully manage an association, you have to have adequate resources. You need the staff, the technology, and the time.

Now we could always use more (of all of those) but if you feel like your lack of resources is starting to have a negative impact on your association, particularly on your members’ experience with your association, then it definitely may be time to seek out the help of an AMC.

Just think: More hands (and bright minds) to better serve your members!

2. You lack expertise in a particular area

Speaking of “more bright minds,” that’s another HUGE reason to seek out an AMC. Let’s say for the most part, you’ve got a handle on your association. You’ve got a smart staff that’s good with your database, knows how to plan and execute events (whether in person or virtual), creative when it comes to fundraising…you could go on and on. But there’s one area you and your staff haven’t quite mastered. Digital marketing, for example.

Well first, that’s ok; we can’t all be experts at everything. But second, that’s exactly where an AMC can come in handy. Yes, you can hire an AMC to manage your association in totality, but you can also hire an AMC to perform certain job functions and/or complete certain projects.

AMCs are purposefully well-rounded, so whatever expertise you and your staff lack, AMCs can fill the gap.

(Note: This can really come in handy if you lose an employee unexpectedly. Their expertise is suddenly gone, and you’re left with questions upon questions…plus some panic. Keep in mind that to fill that position quickly (and even just temporarily while you look for a replacement), you can always reach out to an AMC. Again, they’re well-rounded — and there to help!)

3. Your organization, overall, seems stagnant and you really want to take it to the next level 

If you’ve been managing your organization for a while now and haven’t seen much growth — in terms of your membership, non-dues revenue, member engagement levels, etc. — again, it may be time to seek out the help of an AMC. Going back to the definition stated earlier, AMCs specialize in helping organizations grow and prosper. So, if you’re sick of feeling like your organization is just…stuck, see what an AMC can do to help. (It’s at least worth inquiring about!)

4. You need help staying on top of industry trends

If there’s one thing we can always rely on, it’s change. Regardless of what industry you work in, the landscape will always be changing. And best practices for association management will always be changing.

If those changes are difficult for you and your staff to keep up with, reach out to an AMC. They’re up to date on management best practices, technology best practices, member engagement best practices, event planning best practices — all of it! They know what works…and what doesn’t.

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