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As an association management company based far away from Chicago or Washington D.C., where the association field is much more prevalent, it can be a challenge to explain what we do and attract bright new talent to our growing company, or to the association industry in Washington State. Even in a growing city like Seattle, attracting more and more highly educated and cause-driven millennials, we find that not many potential candidates walk through the door knowing anything about the world of association management. Once they’re here, they see our open, collaborative office environment, learn about the opportunities to serve mission-driven organizations, and often get excited to grow as leaders working with volunteer Boards of Directors and committees.

In a recent article “Associations Are a Perfect Fit for Young Professionals,” appearing in Associations Now, the many ways that association work aligns with young professional’s career goals and desires are outlined. The author points to “mounds” of research about millennials seeking intentionality in their work. We love this word:


With a staff of 30, about one-third are under 30, and several others in their 30’s serve in leadership and management roles in the company. Intentionality to us means doing work that makes an impact by supporting organizations in reaching their goals, advancing their professions, and encouraging professionals to do better more meaningful work. It also means working smartly and efficiently – learning how to improve systems and infuse innovative technology into everything we do – so we can feel like we made even more of a difference at the end of each day, by saving time or resources. Intentionality means taking pride in our work, caring deeply about the work we do, and the people we work with.

This is what drew many of us into this field, and we can’t agree more that association management is a perfect fit for professionals looking for meaningful, enriching experiences in our work. We’ve found “intentionality” in serving the associations we work with –  every day.

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