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The AMC Institute, which represents over 180 association management companies (AMCs) that collectively provide full-service management to over 1,800 associations and provide project support to 900 additional associations, has released new research and resources for associations and AMCs. This includes a new microsite and resource center for best practices, case studies, proprietary research, and business tools designed specifically to help associations thrive in today’s environment.

Case Studies

The AMC Institute has compiled case studies developed by its members that demonstrate the value AMCs can bring to associations. These case studies are specific to the impact of COVID-19, and have been organized by the following topics:

  • Alternative Revenue Sources
  • Content Strategies
  • COVID Response Efforts
  • Crisis Communications
  • Delivering Partnership/Sponsorship Value
  • Education & Learning Management Systems
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Member Value
  • Strategic Planning
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Workforce/Talent Development

SBI has two featured case studies on the site, one for the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) and one for the Great Western Council of Optometry (GWCO). Both can be found on the AMC Institute website.

Explore All Case Studies

New Research: AMC Model Performance Study

A 2020 AMC Model Performace Study research study conducted by Valmont Research assessed the effectiveness of the AMC Business Model as:

  1. A viable and flexible management solution for large associations ($1M+ operating budget) and
  2. A dynamic environment for the development of association professionals

The research study demonstrates the AMC business model offers growth in revenue and income, stability, and professional development for staff and stable leadership for association clients.

Highlights of the research study include:

  • On average, client associations have grown total gross revenue by 90% during their time under the AMC model.
  • Under AMC management, client associations saw average annualized growth of 7.8% for gross operating revenue and 11.6% for net operating income.
  • Associations have been clients of AMCs, on average, for nearly 13 years, with 21% of associations having been clients for 20 years or longer, providing the associations with stability.

For an executive summary of the research, and to download the below infographic, visit the AMC Institute website.

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