Alope has been with SBI since 2000.  With more than a decade of experience at SBI, she has an extensive knowledge base regarding SBI and its clients. She has served in numerous roles as the company has grown and developed many of SBI’s office procedures, client financial procedures and service standards. She was also instrumental in the process to achieve accreditation status for SBI from the AMC Institute.

Prior to joining SBI, Alope served as an Accounting Assistant for Special Olympics Washington.

Alope directs the day-to-day operations of the business working closely with SBI’s leadership team. In addition, she manages the finance team, the administrative team, works closely with SBI’s CPA firm, and oversees client transitions.

Looking forward, Alope will maintain SBI’s accreditation status. She is working to improve the client transition process and client satisfaction and communications with the SBI team. Internal processes and controls will continue to improve as well. She is a strong believer of always having room for improvement!

A Little Something Extra
Named after Chief Geronimo’s wife, Alope is a native of the Northwest. A growing baby boy, two cheerleaders and a husband that is an avid sports fan keep life busy. She enjoys spending time with her growing family and friends. Next to her family, her second love is shoes!