Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation

Before coming to SBI, CERF had many contractors and dispersed services. This format made processes very slow and difficult to manage with team members that were separated geographically. SBI consolidated all services under one roof – membership, financials, conference planning, and day-to-day administration while retaining CERF’s outside Executive Director as subject matter expert to set the strategic direction of the organization. This has allowed for more organized and efficient processes and a more unified effort to advance the mission of CERF, and allowing CERF’s leadership to focus on the bigger picture. SBI recently managed CERF’s largest-ever biennial conference in Providence, Rhode Island attended by more than 1,600, including 900 oral and poster presenters.

Coastal & Estuarine Research Federation
  • Partner Since: 2013
  • Geographic Reach: International
  • Services Provided: Board Support, Event Management, Financial Management, Marketing & Communications, Member Services, Technology Solutions
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