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Membership Engagement: The Human Connection

Practice the fine art of membership engagement with opportunities and platforms that enhance member experience
Members do not join an organization to get to know the staff and administration; they join to make a personal connection with their cohorts. The role of the association headquarters office, then, is to help facilitate connections between members.

While this high-touch, […]

What’s Your Association’s Focus for 2017?

the center of interest or activity.
As in: “this generation has made the environment a focus of attention”
It’s 2017 and you may be as tempted as we are to make ambitious resolutions embarking on a New Year! Whether it’s internal goal-setting or a new board agenda, look no further than our favorite word of the season: […]

An Open Letter to Incoming Association Presidents

Many of our association Boards of Directors are turning over at year-end, and it got us thinking about what lies ahead for our new association leaders.

If you are a President-Elect, congratulations on making the decision to lead your association! No doubt there were many reasons that went into your decision to take the reins. Maybe […]

Association Management a Great Fit for Young Professionals

As an association management company based far away from Chicago or Washington D.C., where the association field is much more prevalent, it can be a challenge to explain what we do and attract bright new talent to our growing company, or to the association industry in Washington State. Even in a growing city like Seattle, […]

“Rising Star” Doesn’t Begin to Describe Him…

Back in June, our very own Tom Tidyman won the Rising Star Award at the 2016 WSAE Annual Convention in Spokane. This award recognizes an emerging association leader in Washington, and we were thrilled to learn Tom was the recipient!

Tom joined SBI two years ago after being involved with the Florida Recreation and Parks Association […]

SBI Presents Assertive Communication Workshop with Emilie Aries of Bossed Up

Several SBI staffers attended a recent presentation by Emilie Aries during one of our client association’s conferences. We were so blown away that we wanted to give our associations and local community the chance to explore assertive communication and how we can all boss up in 2016.

Emilie helps women cultivate a leadership identity, navigate fear and […]

Unprecedented Growth: A Good Problem to Have?

Ask any association Board member about their association’s mission, and you’ll inevitably hear things like:

“to provide high quality education and training to members”;
“to provide networking opportunities to members”;
“to advocate for our members and their profession”.

In the end, it’s all about members, many of whom are long-time and passionate volunteers, and of course, a primary supporting […]

Growing Pains: How to successfully manage an association during rapid growth

Although it’s a good problem to have, it can be challenging to manage an association during a time of expansion and growth. You’re dealing with membership numbers that are up, companies that want to exhibit, and volunteers who appear at every turn. While exciting, it requires that you step up as your association’s leader to […]

How Executive Directors can advance a nonprofit’s mission by outsourcing services

As the Executive Director of an association, the demands on your time never end. Are there enough hours in the day to attend to all of the items on your “to-do” list?

You have prioritized the list. You have delegated as many of the tasks as possible. But with a limited number of employees, who else […]

How your competition can become your best friend

It’s often a little odd when you are interacting with your competition. You can be friendly, but how do you get over that feeling of competition, of envy, of insecurity?
I found out first-hand last April when the owner of a local competitor of ours was collaborating on a project SBI was taking the lead on. […]

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