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Growing Pains: How to successfully manage an association during rapid growth

Although it’s a good problem to have, it can be challenging to manage an association during a time of expansion and growth. You’re dealing with membership numbers that are up, companies that want to exhibit, and volunteers who appear at every turn. While exciting, it requires that you step up as your association’s leader to […]

How Executive Directors can advance a nonprofit’s mission by outsourcing services

As the Executive Director of an association, the demands on your time never end. Are there enough hours in the day to attend to all of the items on your “to-do” list?

You have prioritized the list. You have delegated as many of the tasks as possible. But with a limited number of employees, who else […]

How your competition can become your best friend

It’s often a little odd when you are interacting with your competition. You can be friendly, but how do you get over that feeling of competition, of envy, of insecurity?
I found out first-hand last April when the owner of a local competitor of ours was collaborating on a project SBI was taking the lead on. […]

Member Engagement and Renewals

Every association wants to increase their membership rolls. Members bring ideas and energy to the organization and more members usually means greater group vitality. Once they join though, it is essential to create many more connections for the members, because, that is what attracts people to your association in the first place — the promise […]

Delivering Membership Value… and Growth

Associations are human creations – by humans for humans. It is a simple thought but it is inherent in being a carbon-based land creature. We are driven to associate, it is our nature.

We at SBI marvel at the incredible range of associations and what they offer to their members. People are social… in every sense […]

Small staff EDs: It’s time for a gut check

Leave your gut at the door and lead with your head.
Are you really being smart about how you get the work of the organization accomplished? Are you compromised with weak or ineffectual staff? Do you think it is easier to keep staff who require constant workarounds than getting the streamlined results you need?

Do you honestly […]

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