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In a Post-Pandemic World, Your Association Budget Needs to Walk Before It Runs

Imagine running the same race, year after year.

As far back as you can remember, every April you lace up your shoes and run a half-marathon. Or a full marathon. Or even a 10k. The distance doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a pretty good idea of how to prepare for your race. You […]

The Road Ahead: How to Strengthen Your Association Community in a Post-Pandemic World

For centuries, associations have created a sense of community among their members and the industry or profession the organization served. In a post-pandemic world, the association’s role as a community-builder will be more important than ever.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated trends that were already happening. In many companies and industries, working from home finally went from […]

Three Reasons Your AMC’s Culture is Important

During the selection process, your association’s board of directors will ask a lot of questions about a new association management company (AMC). The questions will probably focus heavily on costs, staffing levels, past successes, and how the AMC has performed with similar associations.

Knowing how your AMC develops its cost structure and understanding how they’ve guided […]

You Aren’t Firing Your AMC. You’re Finding the Appropriate Partner for Your Association

When your board selects a new association management company (AMC), it isn’t like firing an employee.

It is like firing several employees, all at once.

Or at least it can feel that way.

Strong bonds can develop between a board of directors, committees, and the AMC staff of an association.

No board likes to deliver the bad news to […]

Three Things Boards Need to Do to Ensure a Smooth Transition Between AMCs

The transition from one association management company (AMC) to another can be one of the biggest challenges an association’s board of directors will ever face. Even when the transition goes smoothly, replacing one staff team and headquarters with an entirely different one in a relatively short timeframe is always going to be difficult.

But while transitioning […]

Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Association Management Company

Hiring an association management company (AMC) is like conducting a job interview—with a lot more at stake.

If the association’s board of directors makes the wrong decision, correcting the mistake can be far more expensive and harmful to the organization than simply terminating an employee. The same is true for AMCs who choose to work with […]

Three Signs You Need to Rethink Your AMC

2020 was one of the most difficult—if not the most difficult—year many associations have ever faced. While there is hope on the horizon in the form of multiple effective COVID-19 vaccines, the coming year will still be a challenging one. Large gatherings and a return to anything resembling a normal conference or trade show is […]

[Guest Post] You Might Need an Association Management Company If…

The following blog post was originally published on the MemberClicks blog.
Perhaps you’ve heard the term “AMC” before, short for association management company. But what is an AMC? Well, according to the AMC Institute, an AMC is “a for-profit business that manages associations to help them grow and prosper.”

Sounds great, you might be thinking. But how do I know if […]

SBI Announces New Client Partnership with the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO)

Seattle, WA – July 1, 2019

SBI, a Seattle-based association management company, is proud to announce the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO) as its newest full-service association management client.

WACUBO provides business officers in the western region opportunities to develop professionally, to identify solutions for issues affecting higher education, and to share their expertise with […]

SBI Announces New Client Partnership with the International Ombudsman Association (IOA)

Seattle, WA – January 2, 2019

SBI, a Seattle-based association management company, is proud to announce the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) as its newest full-service association management client.

As the largest international association of professional organizational ombudsman practitioners in the world, IOA represents nearly 900 members and supports organizational ombudsmen from the United States and worldwide working […]

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