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Website development and maintenance, keeping up with IRS requirements, financial reporting, and delivering member value at events are common issues nonprofit associations face. All organizations want and need solid home base services that are done right and done on time. Now it’s possible for all nonprofit professional societies and trade associations to have these services. Here’s a good snapshot of the types of clients we are able to serve:

You all have a very active, very busy and an overworked Board who is taking on all the details of your organization. You need someone to answer the phone, emails and open the mail every day! You can’t find people who are willing to take on more responsibilities and your Board members are overburdened.
You spend 70% of your time managing the daily details of the office, website and staff. You want your time to be freed up to focus on mission, growth and service – not training people and filling in the holes. The Board has new initiatives and new ideas- but you don’t have time or enough staff to make it happen.
You are tired of sitting in board meetings and discussing minutia rather than how to grow and serve the organization. Aspects of the organization are unprofessional, making it harder to recruit members and donors. You need someone to come in and help give focus, and then a plan to make it happen.
It’s just not going well, and you need a more modern set of services. Love them as you may, they have gotten behind – and so have you. There are too many mistakes, oversights and things falling through the cracks. You suspect they have not kept up with technology innovations and your organization is suffering as a result. Please contact us for a confidential conversation.
Rather than hire someone new, you think a full service company may be a better solution. You can see the constraints of a small office or stretched ED. Finding someone who can do it all requires a robot with 24 arms. (We checked. No one has created that app for nonprofits – yet!)
You need very affordable infrastructure services to keep in touch with members and chapters. You have one or two conferences a year that must be first-rate professional events that support your image and bring your colleagues together. Electronic communication and education are critical to your success.
You need an office with a phone and friendly people who can help prospective donors and members with personalized service. You have regular meetings and some big events that require venue management, marketing, nametags and the entire set of on-site details handled.
How exciting! As a young organization, you know you must have affordable, adaptable and sharp technologically savvy services to appeal to potential participants. You are thrilled to learn about SBI because it just makes good sense to share resources, consolidate overhead and get personalized services.

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then…
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