The AMC Advantage

Association Management Companies (AMCs) deliver proven solutions and support for sustainable, thriving associations. How? The AMC Institute has pulled together a wealth of research and information to illustrate how partnering with an AMC is beneficial to associations.

Whether your nonprofit association is in the market for full-service management or specific services, Association Management Companies (AMCs) leverage shared resources across multiple association clients to increase capacity, impact, and financial health. AMCs like SBI play a critical role in growing associations and not-for-profits through our value proposition, financial strength, and industry impact.

Access to association best practices and expertise

  • Tailored solutions that are optimized for non-profit performance
  • A unique combination of business acumen and mission-driven purpose

Increased financial strength for associations

  • On average, nonprofits managed by AMCs demonstrate significantly stronger financial results which translate into increased benefits for association clients

Strength in numbers

  • The collective reach, influence, and buying power of AMCs translate into lower costs, better services, and increased value for associations and their members