Andrew joined SBI in July 2014 after a 14-year stint of running ERGA, a smaller, “boutique” association management company. There, he managed a variety of associations, ranging from 300 to 1,500 members, local to international, trade associations, and professional societies.

Running a small office, he did it all for his clients: association management, event management, publishing, and office services. He also learned how to leverage technology and internet-based systems to provide excellent service. Through this experience he developed a deep understanding of associations and their effective management.


Andrew is the Director of Executive Services at SBI and leads a client services team in managing the day-to-day operations of his association clients. He serves as Executive Director of the Association for Library and Information Science Education and Washington Recreation and Park Association. He also serves as Association Executive for the Puget Sound Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute, Structural Engineering Association of Washington, and Washington Speech-Language-Hearing Association. He is a champion of collaborative process, understanding the wisdom that nonprofit boards of directors and committees can offer their organizations.

A little something extra

In his off hours, Andrew regularly gathers with friends to have dinner and play board games. He spends the warmer weekends working in the yard and coaxing his vegetable garden to grow. He can also be found exploring his interest in technology by playing video games online with friends all over the world.