History of SBI Management Services

SBI Management Services was founded in 1981 by Shirley Bishop to provide management services to the Washington State Society of Anesthesiologists, which remains one of SBI’s premier clients to this day. Over the years SBI’s client list has grown to include national, state and local organizations. In 2007, Bishop began transitioning ownership of the firm to Seattle-area businesswomen Marlis Korber and Harriet Burger.

Marlis spent three years completely rebuilding the infrastructure of the business by embracing new technology, bringing in outside certified accounting services and updating client records to a secure, accessible electronic format. With this vision to provide efficient, streamlined service, SBI has retained existing clients while gaining many new clients as well.

Today, with its top-notch team of experienced association professionals, support staff and state-of-the-art technology and equipment, SBI carefully screens potential new clients seeking to realize their fullest potential.